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Anonymous asked:

what is it about redheads u think men like?

Being a redhead has NEVER been just about a hair color.  The hair color is a side effect of a genetic mutation that causes all kinds of crazy things.  For example we feel EVERYTHING 10% more than the average human being.  The answer is simply passion.  Scientifically we are more passionate than those of the common hair color.  I firmly believe that those who dye their hair red wish to capture that passion as well.  Red is a color that stimulates thoughts of passion in everyone, not just men.  It is the color of both anger and lust.  Something to think about yes? :D


Anonymous asked:

Why are you so geeky

Why am I so geeky. Hm.  To me, answering that question would be like asking why someone is so twitterpated.  (FYI I hate the word “horny” so I say twitterpated).  Or asking a person why they are so fashionable.  It is hard to answer because it is a part of you that has been ingrained into you since longer than you can remember!  I guess the only answer I can give is…I picked up my first novel during summerbreak of kindergarten.  Yes that is young to be a novel reader but I did it.  I wanted to practice reading the words you see, never expecting it to go anywhere.  What I found was a whole nother world to match the imagination in my head.  I could be taken to places dreams were made of and it made me happy.  Geeky things do this to me, take me to other worlds that make me happy.

As many of you know my little brother passed away a few months ago. His funeral was taken care of under the pretense we would be receiving his life insurance check to cover it, but now we are finding out his life insurance has been voided because his death was determined to be a suicide. So nowe th bills fall on his family. I have also been told our landlord is raising our rent and that my roommates can no longer afford it, and are moving out. So now on top of this I have to somehow find the funds to move to Lord knows where on top of the medical bills I have to cover for myself every month as well as normal living expenses. I cannot handle all this, and am asking for some help and would appreciate any donations given. It has been hard on me to realize I cannot do this by myself, with all the sudden changes having come up I just cannot handle the stress without some help. If everyone in GRSA were to just give $1 then I would overshoot the goal by a mile. Please put the ALS and other donations who are more important than me first, but if you have a little extra afterward, consider helping me 

I threw in a picture of me as an added bonus, since so many of you have been asking to know what I look like. (you can find more in the fans of the page albums btw)

Click the below link to donate. If you do not wish to donate via GoFundMe you can do so via paypal, my address is

-The Mistress

(I know you all are going to ask, yes that is a silly last name, it is used to protect my rl identity)

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